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   The Adverse Credit Mortgage Specialists

Get a Mortgage Quote It is estimated that mortgage arrears, bad debts, credit problems, and CCJs will mean that one in four people will find it difficult to obtain a mortgage or remortgage from a traditional high-street lender.

If you have been turned down for a mortgage or remortgage due to a poor credit history, previous mortgage arrears, bad debts, county court judgments or previous bankruptcy, then you've come to the right place.

This site provides a range of information on adverse credit mortgages and remortgages, and self-certification mortgages for the self-employed.

By completing one of our mortgage enquiry forms, you can be put in touch with a specialist mortgage consultant who will help you select the best mortgage or remortgage lender for your particular circumstances.

The mortgage consultants we work with are not tied to offering the mortgage and remortgage products of just one bank or building society. Instead, they can search through a wide range of mortgage options to find the best possible deal for each individual borrower. This is especially important when dealing with borrowers who have previous credit problems or bad debts, as half the battle is knowing which mortgage lender will take the most favourable view of a particular person’s situation.

Some people are concerned about discussing their financial situation with a stranger, especially if they have a less than perfect credit history. We take confidentiality very seriously indeed and you can rest assured that the mortgage brokers we work with will not disclose any of your personal details to a lender or anyone else without your prior consent.

A good mortgage broker will not submit an application to every lender they can think of in the hope that one of them will make you an offer. They will only submit a mortgage or remortgage application on your behalf once your situation has been assessed and a suitable mortgage lender has been chosen. This limits the number of unnecessary "footprints" being left on your credit file.

The main aim of the Clean Slate Mortgages site is to help people with credit problems, bad debts, or CCJs find an appropriate mortgage or remortgage via a member of our panel of carefully chosen mortgage professionals.

And remember that once you have found your ideal mortgage or remortgage via the Clean Slate Mortgages website, your credit profile will improve with every month that you successfully make repayments on that mortgage. So, after two or three years, there’s a good chance you will have a “normal” credit record. At that point, a mortgage adviser can examine your situation again, by which time there will be a much greater range of remortgage options available to you. By repeating this process every few years, you stand the best possible chance of always getting the best possible value for money on your mortgage.

We make no charge for putting you in touch with a qualified mortgage consultant, and there is no obligation to proceed further on your part.

So what are you waiting for? If you have previous credit problems, bad debts or County Court Judgements, and need some help, click here to obtain a mortgage or remortgage quote.


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